Minecraft mini-games

what is it: 

on Wednesday's from 2:45 - 3:55 PM we meet online to play Minecraft Mini-Games on a dedicated Realm/server just for us! 


You can log on using any of the following:

  • xbox

  • nintendo switch

  • playstation

  • tablet 

***a second device is needed for zoom. Before we start playing everyone needs to check into zoom first***


  • able to converse with others with minimal prompting

  • able to follow instructions of the mini-game and group facilitator 

  • must be kind and respectful to other players and group facilitator

  • general knowledge of the game minecraft and how to use your selected devises. ***there is no tech support for this group***


12 - 17


$20.00 for the month (this is to help cover the cost of the realm subscription and the time of the facilitator who will be supervising and embedding social skills intervention where possible during the entire session)

***this needs to be paid 24 hours prior to the first scheduled virtual meetup using the PayPal donation button on the bottom of this website.***

to sign up:

  • complete a registration form under the tab <Registration>

  • then send a text message to (863) 333-5419 to notify me you have submitted a registration form and which program you are interested in

  • we will be in touch to give you further instructions and log in information. now to the nether we go!!!!