About Us

Hi there! I'm so happy you've dropped by!

I'm Nicole and the founder/owner of

Social Spectrum Club.

I started Social Spectrum Club as a way for my son Jayden to interact, socialize, play, learn and grow with other like-minded kids. Jayden was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 and although he has responded fairly well to the majority of therapeutic interventions I have immersed him in; social skills have always been a challenge. This seems to be the case with many children on the Autism Spectrum. So after countless hours of unsuccessful searching for groups and/or therapists in our local community that focused primarily on teaching social skills to children like my son; along with the desire to connect with my child on a deeper more meaningful level; I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands.

Children with Autism do not learn as babies or toddlers in a natural way, by observing others and the world around them, how to interact and take space in a manner that is conscious of others. Typically developing children pick up on body language and social cues from their parents and caregivers. Children like my son need to be taught these very basic skills.

So as any good parent who wants to help their child, I began researching and reading anything I could find on the topic of teaching a child with Autism, social skills. There is quite a bit of information out there and many professionals who claim to be experts so the initial search was overwhelming to say the least. However I did discover quite a few methods and ideas that seem to really resonate with me. Michelle Garcia Winner's 'Social Thinking' curriculum, Lego-based play therapy, Model Me Kids, Improvisation and Theatrical Performance activities, role-playing and video-modeling just to name a few. I am still in the process of researching and learning and I like to try new things all the time because what works with one child on the spectrum may not work with another. I enjoy collaborating with the other parents of kids in our groups and getting feedback on strategies or activities they think may benefit their child or the group as a whole. So come be a part of the Social Spectrum Club team! We can learn, build and grow together. Look forward to hearing from you soon.